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Lucky Charm
Gold Horseshoe (Triple Protection Suspention)

Lucky Horseshoe, Elephant and Turkish Eyes suspension for the wall, car and home decoration.

This Lucky suspension Charm comes with three kinds of Lucky Charms: The Horseshoe to bring good luck, Evil Eye to protect you from Evil Spirit and the elephant for power and wealth.

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What is the meaning of the home decoration Horseshoe?

The Lucky horseshoe is one of mankind’s oldest talismans. Since ancient times and until today, they are placed above the doors of houses nailed to a wall in two directions: downwards they invoke protection and upwards they bring good luck.

If meaning is related to the use of the horse as a faithful and strong assistant to man for thousands of years, perhaps that is why the horseshoe is seen as an amulet that can help to attract luck.

What is the amulet of Turkish Eye?

The Turkish Eye we also called an Evil Eye. The Turkish eye is used as a pendant in jewelry, home and car decorations.

It is a circular-shaped bead that has a brightly colored eye to which magical powers and protective forces are attributed. It is used as a talisman and an amulet against the evil eye or the negative influence of envy.

It is sold in the Middle East region, especially in Turkey and also in Greece as a souvenir for tourists.

Why do we need to have this Lucky Elephant?

Lucky Elephant figure talismans are world-famous for attracting good luck and prosperity.

The image of a pair of elephants standing in front of each other with their trunks raised is placed near the front door as a symbol of hospitality.

These powerful animals are represented in pendants, statuettes or ornaments as amulets symbolizing wisdom and longevity.

Description of Horseshoe triple protection:

  • Type: “Lucky eye” Lucky Suspension.
  • Metals Type: Golden Alloy.
  • Use: protection and decoration.
  • Lucky charm: Horseshoe, Elephant and Turkish eye.
  • Gift Idea: For everyone, oriental protection, superstitious people./li>
  • Material: Metal.
  • Pattern: Superstition, Animal.
  • Style: Classic.
  • Sizes : 175 * 85 mm.

Lucky Charm Horseshoe | Charm and Amulet

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Lucky Charm Horseshoe | Charm and Amulet
Lucky Charm
Gold Horseshoe (Triple Protection Suspention)