Amulet Bracelet

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Amulets and Charms Bracelet

Here you will find our bracelet for Man and Woman. Enjoy our beautiful collection of Amulet and Charm and wear them proudly to your wrist.
Obviously, you will find all the Talisman and amulet present on the other magic jewelry, such as Pentacle, cloverleaf, the number 13, the horseshoe, etc.

Why to use Amulet as bangle ?

We find many religious symbols worn on the wrist as amulet. Jesus and his archangels are strong symbols of Catholicism. The amulet of St. Michael is certainly the most powerful when faced with adversity.

The yin and yang and Buddhist amulets come from Asia and are powerful to promote meditation and inner well-being. It is a bracelet amulet to recommend for the agitated and stressed person.

The eye of the devil of the Middle East is very present, as well as the hand of Fatima. They are found all around the Mediterranean basin. With various origins, they are both considered as Muslim talismans.

I let you discover, this beautiful collection of bracelet amulet. If you want to know more about the protections, I suggest you consult our next collection on the Talisman rings. If not, inspiration will certainly come by consulting our treasure box that is the collection of Magic Jewelry.


Amulet Bracelet

Amulet Bracelet
Evil Eye.

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