Magic Candlesticks and Ritual Candles

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This is our collection of candle and candlestick.

If you are looking for candlesticks for your rituals, Charm and Amulet is the online store for ritual supply.
Rituals are an integral part of magic. Without an enchantment or spell, there is no sorcery.

Usage of candle in Magic Ritual.

The candles and candlesticks have always been an important element in both white magic and black magic. The candle calls the other side. They are the light, the catalyst, and have the power to consume, transform and vaporize.

Make your Candle yourself DIY.

Customize your own candles with essential oils or your own magic herbs. We have all kinds of molds made especially for this purpose. Silicone skull candle molds, pentagram molds, Virgin Mary molds, woman’s body, crystal ball candle molds