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Amulet Bracelet
Horseshoe Charm.

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Horseshoe Bracelet Silver Amulet for Luck.

Enjoy the protection of the Horseshoe Bracelet and multi-lucky charms. Fortune and success will accompany you every day. This 925 sterling silver bracelet is resistant and easy to wear.

Horseshoe Lucky Charm Bracelet for women.

One of the oldest amulets in the world is the horseshoe. This magic symbol, which is considered as a talisman and is associated with the ability to grant wishes.

It is also used to ask help for a person’s luck. This lucky charm shoe is a powerful fortune activator, which also protects the owner against negativity and the influence of witches.

Horseshoe Charm Bracelet Silver.

A beautiful bracelet made in silver where you can have both the horse and the shoe as a pendant. The symbol represents luck for wisdom, warriors, power and strength. Ideal charm to continue loyalty and obtain good fortune.

Specifications of horseshoe Bracelet :

  • Type: Charm Bracelets.
  • Perfect gift for Women.
  • Main Stone : Zircon.
  • Occasion : Party, Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary.
  • Style : Classic.
  • Pattern : Lucky Charms, animal.
  • Side Stone : CRYSTAL.
  • Material : Sterling Silver 925.
  • Stone : Cubic Zirconia.
  • Length : 20 cm.
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Horseshoe Charm Bracelet Silver | Charm and Amulet
Amulet Bracelet
Horseshoe Charm.