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Protection Charms for Home.

Here you will find our Lucky charm for home decoration, car accessories etc…
Enjoy our collection of the best Lucky charm for everywhere and everyone.
Lucky charms can be used to protect a person, a home, a building or even an entire village. If you want to know more, click on the arrow below.

One of the most famous is the lucky horseshoes. The conquest of many new territories was made thanks to horses. Many cowboys have a special relationship with their horses.
But if we hang horseshoes on the doors of houses, it is for another reason. It was Saint Dunstan, a blacksmith who became archbishop of Canterbury in 959, who imprisoned the devil with a horseshoe. To give him back his freedom, he made the devil swear to never enter a house that was protected by a horseshoe!
Even today, many people still hang horseshoes over their doors to protect themselves from bad luck and unwanted visitors.

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