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The Chinese superstitions.

The Chinese are among the most superstitious people. They have various chinesse charms | charm and amulettypes of beliefs that would favor good luck such as Fengshui or Maneki Neko.

Also known as the lucky cat, the maneki neko is a traditional ceramic or porcelain statuette of a seated cat with its paw(s) raised at ear level. What is so special about it?



What's the meaning of Lucky Cat Charm or Maneki Neko ?






ILucky cat automatique | charm and amuletndeed, Maneki comes from the verb maneku which means "to invite" or "to greet" and neko means "cat". When the right paw is raised, one wants to attract money.

The left paw calls the customers. The statuette also displays a lovely smile that aims to seduce the customers. The maneki neko is intended to fill the pockets of is owner and make a household wealthy.


Where to use a Lucky Cat ?

The Chinese are always looking for different ways to find out how to attract luck.Lucky cat in a shop| charm and amulet When you pass by a Chinese store, you can't help but notice a lucky item representing a porcelain cat, a Maneki Neko.

The Asian tradition is that this object should be placed in a store to attract fortune. It is a cat that invites.

 A genuine Chinese lucky charm.

The figurine representing a Maneki Neko cat can be placed anywhere. Most often, it decorates the cash register or the counter of a store. This is in order to signal to the customers. But the power of the lucky cat is not limited to commerce.

You will also find it in Japanese or Chinese homes. The goal is to have it placed in a place where it will be well exposed, so that guests can see it. You can own several of them to attract more luck.

Decorative Lucky Cat.

decorative lucky cat | charm and amuletIf feng shui consists in decorating the rooms of a house, Maneki Neko is an ornamental object very appreciated by the Chinese. It comes in different forms according to your preferences: large, small, Japanese or Chinese type...

You will even find derivative products inspired by the Chinese lucky cat: decoration for mobile phones, tea sets, moneyboxes, bowls, stuffed animals, handbags, chopsticks, clothes of all kinds, plates, cups, etc...

This Chinese lucky charm will bring you luck wherever you are.
Today the reputation of Maneki Neko has spread beyond the borders. True lucky charm as much as decorative object, some even make the collection.

Many Maneki Neko, Chinese cats.

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