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Ritual Candle & Candlestick
Wiccan Candles

Wiccan Candles, Gel wax.

Light a candle and spiritually purify the atmosphere. Do you want more love? Health or wealth? Do a Wicca ritual and ask for what you want. Look at the flame of this Wiccan candle and make a wish in the depth of your mind. The legend says that this wish might come true soon.

Wiccan Candles with Copper Triangle in a Circle Symbol.

The candle holds the equilateral copper triangle in a circle. It represents the Triple answers: physical, mental, spiritual. The circle represents the belly, the fecundity and the protection. It is a symbol which contributes to attract good waves and serenity. Choose the color according to the effect that you expect to reach.

What to expect when using a Wicca candle?

Candlelight rituals are an approach to tapping into the invisible energy of the spirits and the universe. It allows you to invoke antithetic that have an impact on the real world. You can use Wiccan candles to make wishes to change a situation, such as having more money, professional success, or immaterial, like health or love.

How to use Wiccan ritual candles ?

White witchcraft is powerful, but it is also easily accessible. White magic is considered a type of enchantment that requires less quid pro quo and is easier for beginners to learn. The must easy use of rituals candles, is of course, to simply light a candle and relax while watching its flame dance. You can make a wish by saying it in your head, and this is absolutely safe, danger free. If you want to go farthest, you must learn and do not venture into candlelight rituals without following a ceremonial protocol. Don’t make a pact with any entity without full knowledge of the ins and outs. Never share or offer your blood without knowing all the consequences. Don’t forget, your blood, is the most precious things that entities want from you.


Description of Wiccan’ candle:

  • Product Material: Gel-Wax, no black Smoke.
  • Use: Religious activity, Magic Wishing, Ritual and Purification.
  • Type: Magic candle, Witch Ritual Candle.
  • Product Size: 8.3 cm * 11 cm.
  • Wiccan candles.
  • Candle for Tarot, Astrology, divination and fortune-teller.
  • Types of candles: religious candles.

Candle Color

Red, Blue, Yellow, Black






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Ritual Candle & Candlestick
Wiccan Candles
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