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Ritual Candle Candlestick
Pentagram Candles

Ritual candle Pentagram Magic 

Receive protection from this pentagram candle. Highly appreciated by mediums and fortune-tellers, the pentagram repels bad vibes and evil spirits.
This 5-pointed star is the association of five important qualities such as wisdom, love, truth, justice and goodness.
For Pythagoras, it symbolized the five elements water, fire, earth, air and astral light.

What is a Pentagram ritual candle ?

The pentagram is a candle called the 5-pointed star. It is a symbol of protection, combining the power of nature and spirit. The pentagram is a Pagan and Wicca sign. It is used by wizards and magicians.
The ancient Christians said that each point represents one of the wounds of Jesus on the cross. The pentagram can be used to protect from evil and generate good. But, like many spells in magic, it can be reversed.

How to differentiate a Pentagram from an Inverted Pentagram?

The pentagram is also called a pentacle when it is surrounded by a circle. It is traditional to say that each point represents a natural element or a human value.
When the pentagram is inverted, the point that is normally at the top is inverted downwards. It is a complete flip from the bottom to the top of the symbol. Thus, the pentagram, which normally looks like a capital “A” in the middle, is transformed into a capital “V”. In this configuration the pentagram represents the Baphomet, the idol with the head of a goat or the goat of the witches’ sabbath. Of course, in this case the use of the pentagram is totally different, but I will explain that in a blog post soon.

Are our Pentagram candles Spiritually Charged?

The pentagram itself is a charged symbol. But in the literal sense of the word “charged”, then the answer is no. Any spiritual work have been done on these candles, our pentagrams are not charged
We recommend that you conduct a blessing ceremony before use. You can charge them and strengthen its power by adding writings in the branches of the star with an indelible marker.

Are our candles Inverted Pentagrams?

No, our pentagram candles have a molded wax base that is an integral part of the pentagram. This prevents the pentagram from being reversed unintentionally or in the absence of knowledge. Nevertheless, it is always possible to practice black magic by intentionally transforming the pentagram.

Description of Pentagram Candles:

  • Product Material: Paraffin.
  • Use: Religious activity, ritual and purification.
  • Type: Magic candle.
  • Product Size: 8.3 cm * 11 cm.
  • Wiccan candles.
  • Candle for Tarot and Astrology.
  • Types of candles: religious candles.
Note: During transportation, few glitters may fall off from the wax, it couldn’t be considered as a quality problem, please be understanding 🙂


Pentagram Color

Red Wax + Glitters Orange, Blue Wax + Glitters Pink, Black Wax + Glitters Purple


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Pentagram candle display 3 colors | Charm and amulet
Ritual Candle Candlestick
Pentagram Candles
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