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Lucky Charm
Ancient Chinese Coins.

Lucky ancient Chinese gold coins.

This decorative talisman for good-luck is composed of gold coins braided with a pretty red rope. It’s included a red pompom and Chinese knot to finish the braid.

Some models have additional wooden gourdes (wealth). There are 12 different designs.

Old Chinese gold coins, A tillasman for Prosperity.

This is an assortment of Old Chinese gold coins with gourd replica. It’s a nice piece of decoration that will attract good luck and prosperity.

This is the ideal charm when you want to have success in your work and business. It’s also used by the gambler for the power of the coins to attract money.

Do we need this Ancient Chinese Coins?

This Ancient Chinese Coins Amulet is good for attracting good fortune. Throughout history, coins have always enjoyed as one of the preferred symbols for attracting wealth.

Some types of coins have a certain power of attraction. Many big businessmen and tycoons use these amulets every day to increase their money. Dare you use them?

How to use the old Chinese coins?

Chinese coins are well known for their power to attract money. They are usually coins with an antique look, round and has square hole in the center.

According to the followers of Feng-Shui, this amulet mainly used of attracting wealth We must tie it with red ribbon or thread and an endless knot the coins.

If we put together the three coins and tie them up our luck increases. This action we are bringing together heaven, earth and man. We should not tie four coins since this is the numbers of bad luck.

If we tie nine coins together, they are also carriers of successful attraction.

Where to put the lucky Chinese coins?

For this talisman to work, we must hang the coins inside our front door so that the money can enter. We don’t have to put them on the back door if we have one, otherwise the money will go out of our lives.

If we put the three coins tied with red tape, on top of important documentation, on top of the PC, it will also bring us fortune. We have to say that the Yang part (four characters) of the coin has to be upwards, and the Ying part (two characters) has to be downwards.

Carrying the three coins in our pockets also means that we will never be short of money. Others prefer to wear them as an amulet.

When we make some kind of gift, we can tie the coins with the red thread, this will make the person who receives the present to have more prosperity and happiness, and we will receive a blessing for our generosity.

Features of the Chinese antic coins:

  • Chinese Red Knot Feng Shui.
  • Lucky Coins for Wealth and Good Fortune.
  • Placed them in area: kitchen, Door, Office, Car, door knot, Wall Decor.
  • Material : Copper Alloy, handmade.
  • Design : 12 you can choose from.
  • Packing : 1 Pcs Red Chinese Knot

Note: Due to the light and screen difference, the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures, thanks for understanding.

Ancient Chinese Coins assorted by 12 | Charm and Amulet

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Original price was: $23.90.Current price is: $19.90.
Ancient Chinese Coins assorted by 12 | Charm and Amulet
Lucky Charm
Ancient Chinese Coins.
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