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What is a Lucky Elephant Statue?

For a thousand years, elephants are always considered as symbols of power, wisdom, strength, home protection, fertility, and good luck. That is why it is very common in many cultures that elephant carvings and statues are very much used in homes.

Millions of people around the world use elephants as symbols for good luck. This is because humans have always admired them for being very intelligent animals.

How this Lucky Elephant protects our home?

We have to put one or two elephants facing the door of the house. With this action, the elephant with its power will protect the home and prevent the loss of Chi or life force.

In the same way in private homes are also often used a couple of elephants in the entrance hall, to bring longevity and success to all people who live there.

Elephants will remind you The best of humanity.

They have a great memory, and they are the mammals with the largest brains.

Elephants are capable of showing compassion, pain and other kinds of attributes that were believed only humans could perform.

How to place the lucky elephant statue according to Feng Shui?

Elephants are widely used in Feng Shui as they are very useful to create positive energy in certain places of the home and attract good luck. Buddha and the elephant are associated with the Indian deity Ganesh.

Where should the lucky elephant look?

  • 1) The natural attraction of the Elephant to bring luck into the home.

Place a figure of an elephant or a pair of elephants at the front door, facing inwards. This position indicates the direction that the luck should take, and that it flows throughout the house.

  • 2) To promote love and fidelity.

We have to put the elephant in the couple’s bedroom, so that the love will live on and there will be fidelity between them.

  • 3)The Elephant to link the relationships between mothers and children.

You should put a statue of an elephant mother with her elephant cub. With this we will strengthen the maternal bonds.

  • 4) As it’s well-known, the Elephant to increase fertility

We must place two elephants in the bedroom, one on each side of the door, as if they were two guards. With this, all the childlike energy will permeate the whole room.

  • 5) To have a memory of pachyderm and succeed in the exams

The figure of an elephant should be placed on the desk of the person who is going to study or do homework. We have to remember that this animal symbolizes knowledge thanks to its prodigious memory.

  • 6) Attract professional success with the power of the giant of the savanna.

We can put an elephant near the door or in the area where we are going to carry out our professional career (office, workplace, etc.). The elephant will fill us with power and wisdom.

  • 7) To get recognition and protection at work

A lucky elephant’s size should be placed next to the front door of our work. This will protect us from bad energies in the workplace.

  • 8) To run a business as the leader of the herd.

The best thing is to put the elephant facing out on the person’s own work table in charge of running the business. The intelligence and leadership will be imbued in the person, who will provide the balance and caution to face those situations of great pressure. In many Asian countries, it is very normal to see 2 elephants at the entrance of commercial buildings. This is due to the beliefs of protecting companies from bad luck in their business, providing them with wisdom and stability.

How should the lucky elephant’s trunk look?

The horn should be upwards, as it is believed that this brings good fortune to all the people who pass in front of the figure. Generally this is the most widespread opinion and the one most often used when buying lucky elephants.

We also have the opposite case, elephants with their trunks down. It is believed that in this way fortune is distributed to everyone naturally, flowing freely.

Description of lucky elephant statue :

  • 3 sizes: L / M / S.
  • Color: Same as pic shows.
  • Material: Resin Feature: High Grade and 100% brand New.
  • Use: Wealth Figurine.
  • Lucky Feng Shui.
  • Gift idea: for every one.
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