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Lucky Charm
Chinese Cat.

The electric solar Lucky Chinese Cat.

This is the very popular lucky cat also called Maneki Neko. With the built-in solar panel, it doesn’t need any power or battery. It will not stop to move his paw for calling good luck and wealth. The only thing that you have to do it’s to buy it and let him working for you. It can be used at home, shop and even in your car.
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Maneki Neko, the cat with the paw up.

This cat of fortune is one of the most symbols of the luck. It’s recognized around the world.

We can see it in the windows of many shops, bars, restaurants. With its paw raised, it’s calling for good luck and a lot of customers. If you want, you can have it in your own at home. It’ll give you its power attraction of fortune and destiny.

What the meaning of each color.

We can find fortune cats of different. This is no coincidence, as each color has a different meaning. Always related to the kind of luck we will want to attract. The meaning may vary somewhat, but the following is generally accepted

White lucky cat.

The color white in the Maneki Neko symbolizes happiness. If you want to look for joy and happiness in your life, the best thing is to have one of this color.

Black lucky Chinese Cat.

The color black is for protection. If you are threatened or concerned about danger, a black Maneki Neko can help you in this task to protect you or your home. Keep it close to you.

Gold Lucky Cat, Maneki Neko.

The golden Maneki Neko already has a meaning in itself. It symbolizes money and wealth. Having a cat of this color in your business is synonymous with things going well for you.

That is the meaning of the paw’s position.

Cat left hand for welcome money, right hand for welcome good fortune.
Two hands raised, wealth and fortune both come. The Cat is to attract wealth and fortune.
Cat left hand with gold nuggets, right-hand shake for fortune. Around is a bag of gold and silver, blessing the host’s life is rich, life is full of happiness.

Why to buy a Maneki Neko?

Generally the figures of the cats of the fortune have some type of complement around the neck, as it can be a necklace, a scarf or bib. In Japan, it symbolizes wealth.


Specification of the electric Lucky cat:

  • Material: plastic.
  • Color: White, Light Yellow, Black.
  • Size: L *  W  * H = 7.0 * 6.5 * 8.0 cm/2.76 * 2.56 * 3.15 in.
  • Packaging: PVC display box.

Note on Lucky Chinese cat:

  • Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the pictures. Thank you.

cheap Lucky Chinese Cat | Charm and Amulet

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cheap Lucky Chinese Cat  | Charm and Amulet
Lucky Charm
Chinese Cat.
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