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Amulet Necklace
Buddha Obsidian.


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Amulet Buddha Black Obsidian | Charm and Amulet
Amulet Necklace
Buddha Obsidian.


Buddha pendant with beads necklace and magic characters.

Wearing this lucky amulet pendant will protect you against wild beasts, fire, robbers, shipwreck and assassins. It also has powerful healing properties and can be worn by women and men.

Mala Amulet Buddha Obsidian.

Beautifull buddhisum amulet of buddha carefully polished and handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Buddha means “The Lord who watches from above.” In the Buddhist tradition, he embodies the ultimate compassion and mercy.

The stone of Obsidian virtues and properties.

Volcanic stone, the Obsidian is a protective mineral. For many centuries, its energy has been used to accelerate healings. The darkness of its black color symbolizes harmony and balance.

Characteristics Amulet Buddha:

  • Pendant size: 49*32*11 mm.
  • Weight: 32 g.
  • Color: Black.
  • Material: Obsidian.
Powerful Amulet Buddha Obsidian | Charm and Amulet


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