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Talisman Ring
Signet Ring Tetragrammaton


Ring-Tetragrammaton Gold or Silver-Charm-and-Amulet.
Talisman Ring
Signet Ring Tetragrammaton

Ring Tetragrammaton

Wear the power of god on your finger with this beautiful signet ring from Tetragrammaton. Talisman with multiple meanings, it is above all the 5 letters of the name of god’s Jehovah or Yahweh.

Signet Ring Tetragrammaton.

Tetragrammaton is in Hebrew 4 letters that are usually translated as YHWH or JHVH. These are the abbreviation that form YAHWEH, the proper name of God in the Bible. This amulet ring is also called Pentagram of king Solomon.

In fact, many warlocks believe that the appearance of 11:11 is being connected to the Tetragrammaton, the unpronounceable four-letter name for the God of Israel.

The  multiple signification Tetragrammaton.

Jehovah’s witnesses also use a medieval Latin form of the Tetragrammaton “YHWH” translated as YAHWEH or Jehovah. Numerous of religions make this name forbidden to pronounce by humans. Some substitution name has been given as Adonai and Elohim.

It is a religious amulet that has the power to invoke gods in person. The acronym of Tetragrammaton can also serve as a bridge to the angel and the demon. It is an amulet closely related to the Jewish religion, but it is also used in many magic rituals.


Feature of Amulet Stainless Steel Talisman of Tetragrammaton:

  • Color: steel color /gold-plated color.
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Why choose stainless steel:
  • For men and Women
  • No rust.
  • Not Allergic.
  • Anti-acid, anti sweat discoloration.
  • No deformation.
  • Do not fade.

ring measurement method | charm and amulet

Ring Size Reference :

  • Size 7 =Inner diameter 17 mm = 53.4 mm Inner circumference.
  • Size 8 =Inner diameter 18 mm = 56.5 mm Inner circumference.
  • Size 9 =Inner diameter 19 mm = 59.7 mm Inner circumference.
  • Size 10 =Inner diameter 20 mm = 62.8 mm Inner circumference.
  • size 11 =Inner diameter 21 mm = 66 mm Inner circumference.
  • size 12 =Inner diameter 22 mm = 69 mm Inner circumference.
  • size 13 =Inner diameter 23 mm = 72.3 mm Inner circumference.

Ring-Tetragrammaton Gold or Silver-Charm-and-Amulet.

Ring Size (Please check before to choose)

9, 10, 11, 12

Main Stone Color

Pentagram Rings Silver, Pentagram Rings Gold