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Necklace Charm
Solomon Seal

Solomon Seal Amulet Pentacle Protection Pendant Necklace.

Wear to your neck the Solomon Seal as amulet and obtain the protection of king Solomon. Also called the Star of David, it’s a protective Talisman, who can control the demons.

What’s mean the symbolism Of Amulet Solomon and 7 archangels ?

Amulets, magic seals, talismans are symbols that have their own meaning. A symbol is the basis of an energy structure, it is a form that is waiting to be completed. A symbol is what we see in the material world. But behind it are huge forces operating in subtle invisible worlds. 7 archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Selaphiel, Jegudiel, and Barachiel are the most elevated angel in the divine hierarchy. They are protective and caring. They are part of the alliance and allow the king Solomon to take the control of demons.

What is the meaning of Solomon Pentacle ?

Solomon’s seal as an amulet has several connotations, especially when the star is inscribed in a circle. It is attributed with a series of magical and supernatural powers.

It is said that people who wear this amulet are totally protected against evil spirits. It is given this power especially that King Solomon had the ability to control evil entities through its ring seal, prior to the creation of the current talisman.

Solomon’s pentacle talisman to gain power and increase wealth.

The amulet of Solomon’s seal is a symbol representing a six-pointed star. The seal of Solomon has other names: Solomon’s shield, the star of David. According to the legend, this seal was engraved on King Solomon’s famous ring, which he could control the hordes of demons.

When the symbol is activated, there is a change in space and time, expressed in a change in the image of the world around a person. Whoever possesses the symbol can open the portal to another dimension or call the desired entity.

Solomon managed to bind and seal 72 demonic princes with their legions in a copper vessel. After he commanded these spirits at his discretion. According to the legend, Solomon managed to discover from the spirits a great deal of secret knowledge that he applied in his life. With the help of this seal, Solomon gained the attention and good attitude of many people. He managed to win the battles and remained unharmed in the battles.

In modern magic, the seal of Solomon is an amulet used to call the spirits of various orders. This amulet protects the magician from any surprises during the ritual, the evil spirits have no power over man.

What are the uses of Solomon Seal ?

  • It serves as a guard against threats from enemies.
  • It creates a barrier of energy.
  • Free from dependency.
  • It contributes to well-being.
  • It gives energy and vitality.
  • Leads to the path of truth.
  • Maintains health.
  • Brings the love of the people.
  • Gives the power of knowledge.

Why is the amulet called a pentacle ?

The word “pentacle” comes from the Latin pentacle and means “small picture”. A pentacle is a painted amulet dedicated to a planetary spirit.

Solomon’s pentacle is drawn on an object on a specific day of the week, controlled by the spirit of the planet.

Why is the amulet called a seal ?

The seal in magic is used as a signature, which represents the quintessence of a certain force: spiritual, planetary, demonic or angelic.

There are seals of demons, there are seals of angels, with the help of which you can call them, or direct their force to solve something.

Application of the Solomon seal.

As a symbol of protection, the seal of Solomon can be applied to both the object and the human body in the form of a ritual tattoo or drawn with a time sign.

Tattoos are often applied by people in extreme professions: sailors, military personnel, miners, rescuers. The amulet protects them from accidents.

Characteristics of Amulet Solomon Necklace :

  • Color : Antique Silver.
  • Material : White metal.
  • Pattern : David’s Star, 6 pointed Stars.
  • Eco-Friendly : Lead & Nickel Free.
  • Amulet pendent Necklace, Unisex.
  • Style : Seal of Solomon or Star of David Collars.
  • Chain Type : Metal Chain assorted, 55 cm.
  • Pendant Size : 30 * 34.5 mm.
  • About 18 g.

Salomon seal presentation situation Charm and Amulet

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Silver, Gold, Black


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Salomon seal presentation situation Charm and Amulet
Necklace Charm
Solomon Seal
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