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Amulet Bracelet
Saint Michael.

Leather bracelet with Saint Michael.

Wearing this incredible religious bracelet will keep the strength to overcome all your obstacles. This bracelet highlights on your wrist the modern and protective image of the defending knight of the liver "Saint Michael the Archangel".

It allows you to face problems in your personal or professional life with fervor and determination.

Who was Saint Michael?

Michael was already considered by the Hebrews as the Prince of the Angels, protector and defender of the chosen people.

He represented the powerful divine assistance to Israel. The Angel of the Lord opposes Satan and for this reason is given the name Michael.


Information on Bracelet Saint Michael:

  • Type : Bracelet.
  • Material : Leather and Metal.
  • Religious Amulet.
  • Design : Angel Saint Michael.
  • Material : Glass/Leather.
  • Packing : 1 piece.
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