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Keychain Charm
Ouija (16 variants).

Ouija board keychain with Planchette.

Beautiful fashion accessories, it’ll decorate your purse or backpack. Hang it where you want or use it as your daily key ring. All the colors are spices and the gradients are absolutely a delight to the eye.

Get ready to play Ouija with this original keychain charm Ouija. This is a functional reproduction of the board of Ouija. All the letter are perfectly readable and if you dare, just ask the next lotteries number !

What’s the Ouija ?

The very first Ouija game was released in the 1890s! Apparently, it was inspired by “talking pictures” created during the Civil War by families of fallen soldiers who wanted to say goodbye. The summoned spirit then spells out its answers by directing the drop on the Ouija letters.

The success of the Ouija board lies in the fact that the movements provoked by the subconscious are more powerful when one is convinced to be directed by a spirit for example. Ouija boards are therefore effective communication tools… to communicate with oneself.

Specification of Mini Ouija Keychain with Planchette :

  • Type : Fashion accessories.
  • Gender : Unisex.
  • Item Type : Key Ring Amulet.
  • Material : Resin (environmental-friendly).
  • Metal color : Chrome Plated.
  • Metals Type : Zinc alloy.
  • Name Keychain charm Ouija.
  • Style : Fashion, esotericism, divination.
  • Compatibility : Key Ring or hang on the clothes, purse and backpack.
  • Function : Amulet Mood Tracker.
  • Size : 41 mm * 129 mm.
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Ouija Keychain | Charm and Amulet
Keychain Charm
Ouija (16 variants).
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