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Amulet necklace
Cat on Broomstick.

Cat on Broomstick necklace, Thai silver plated.

Unleash your inner witch with our stunning cat on broomstick pendent necklace. Ride the magic of style with our Thai silver plated necklace. So don’t wait, be magic today !

Pendant Necklace, Cat on Broomstick.

The adorable Pagan Wiccan Witches are cat lovers. Of course, they never go out without their magical broomsticks. If you know or are a white magic witch, then you’ve found the perfect gift to make her happy.

The amulet cat on the Broomstick, A Wiccan Symbol.

The cat on broomstick symbol is a popular motif in Wicca and paganism.  He’s representing the balance between the domestic and the wild. It symbolizes the power of the individual to control their own destiny and to move through life with grace and independence.

The black cat, a symbol of mystery and magic, adds a touch of the unknown to the image, making it an alluring and intriguing representation of the Wiccan faith.

Description of Necklace Cat on Broomstick:

  • Color: Thai silver plated.
  • 1 pcs necklace + pendent in 46 cm (18 inch) in opp bag.
  • Charm pendant cat size: Length 65 mm, width 47 mm.
  • Design: Cat with long tail on Broomstick
  • Option : Real Amethyst stone, on variation 2.


Pendant Necklace Cat on Broomstick With amethyst stone Charm and Amulet


Cat without Stone, Cat with Amethyst Stone






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Pendant Necklace Cat on Broomstick With amethyst stone Charm and Amulet
Amulet necklace
Cat on Broomstick.
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