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Earring Amulet
Pentagram earring Crescent Moon

Earrings Pentagram, Moon Crescent, and Sword down pointed.

These earrings will embellish your earlobes and give you triple protection.

  • With the pentagram, take control over adversity.
  • The moon will bring you renewal and the tranquility of the lunar cycle.
  • The sword will be your strength and bring you victory.

Pentagram Crescent Moon earrings.

This pair of earrings is a concentrate of protection. It is also a beautiful esoteric fashion jewel. The moon is usually worn by women who wish to turn their backs on the past. It is a sign of powerful and well-being.

The pentagram represents the 5-pointed star that guides. It is an amulet that can be used to invoke or control demons. But the pentagram also has other abilities, such as restoring good health. It also brings harmony with its perfect geometry. The knight’s sword in reverse can represent the spade of a card game. It is also the strength, the brute force and also a victorious battle.

Specification of the earring’s pentacle:

  • Triple protection.
  • Metals Type: Stainless, hypoallergenic metals.
  • Style: Neo-Gothic
  • Gender: Women.
  • Color: Ancient Silver.
  • Gift idea for: Mother, Wife, Friends, girlfriend


Pentagram-Moon-earing hanging with sword |Charm-and-Amulet

Claps Style

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Pentagram-Moon-earing hanging with sword |Charm-and-Amulet
Earring Amulet
Pentagram earring Crescent Moon
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