Dream Catcher
Large (68 cm hight)


Bring a part of Indian’s culture into your living room with a unique hand-made Dream Catcher.

Do you want to have peaceful and sweet nights dreams? This pastel colorful Dream Catcher will add a unique and original style to your home.

Most of all, it will filter the bad vibrations and bad spirits. Bad dreams and nightmares will be traps and imprisons in his web net. Only the beautiful dreams will be allowing to pass through.

A nice large Dream Catcher to enchant your nights.

Handmade, each dream catcher is a unique piece. Once you hang it on your wall, you immediately add a chic and Bohemian atmosphere to your room. It is the perfect decoration if you want to beautify your home in a simple and effective way.

Specification of large dream catcher:

  • Theme: Love Eagle.
  • Material: Organic, Textile Fabric.
  • Style: Amerindians.
  • Colors: Orange, Blue, Red, Beige and deep Brown.
  • Sizes: Big ring 16 cm.
  • Total height 68 cm.
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Large Dream Catcher | Charm and Amulet
Dream Catcher
Large (68 cm hight)