Dream Catcher
Butterfly Dream Catcher With Butterfly Drawing


Dream Catcher With Butterfly Drawing.

Beautiful dream catcher with embroidered butterfly. Entirely white, it is the symbol of transformation and purity.
Catching a butterfly in these dreams can mean that you are experiencing important changes or transition in your life.  So don’t wait any longer and hang this beautiful wall decoration. This model of dream catcher coming with or without light, so make your choice !

Dream Catcher With Butterfly Drawing.

Want to change? You want to find a little lightness in your life? Then this dream catcher is for you. Butterflies are symbols of change and transformation in general. It is an insect that passes through several stages. At first a simple caterpillar, it will weave a cocoon and turn into a chrysalis to finally metamorphose into a lovely butterfly.

Meaning of Catching the butterfly of your dream !

Thus, dreaming of a butterfly will often indicate It is your duty to question yourself about this dream and the impact that this change will have on your life. The butterfly in a dream is a good indicator of your mental and physical health because of the way. The change can bring happiness and adventures.

A white dream catcher is the color of purity and the opposite of darkness. It will repel the abyss and the evil eye. The white butterfly dream catcher will attract more of the positive vibes and will try to transform your life for the better. As they say, sometimes you just have to believe in it for it to happen!


Butterfly white Dream Catcher Features:

  • It can be used for room decoration, gifts, weddings, home decoration, etc.
  • Employing selected quality materials, lace, ribbons and natural feathers.
  • Hand-made by experienced masters.
  • Product parameters: Size: see the figure for details (Due to manual measurement, please allow some slight errors).
  • Material: iron ring, feather, wooden beads, cotton thread, flocking cloth, rattan circle.
  • Packing list: 1* Butterfly Dream Catcher.



With light, Without light






Dream Catcher
Butterfly Dream Catcher With Butterfly Drawing
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