Talisman Ring
Jesus Ring


 Ring of Jesus on the cross.

Put on your finger the ring of Jesus Christ, the savior. Be proud to be catholic and pay homage to the son of the Lord, the eternal godfather.

The symbol of Jesus on the cross represents his sacrifice for mankind.
It is a ring full of meaning. Available in antique silver or gold-plated, this ring for men and women will guide and protect you.

Is it a sin to wear jewelry in the Catholic religion?

No! Jewelry is an object with no particular meaning to God. It is the use made by the wearer of the jewelry that could be considered as vanity.
Just as a knife can be used to feed your family, it can also be used to commit murder. It is essential to always remain in accordance with your beliefs and the divine vision of good and evil.

What use is made of jewelry in Christian religions?

The primary purpose of wearing jewelry in religion is to show devotion to God. It is also a good way to ask for his protection and good grace. To be proud of your faith is never been considered a sin in the eyes of God. Make your jewelry blessed by a priest to strengthen its power. The bible describes jewelry as a beauty offering from a wife to her husband. In Genesis 24, Abraham’s servant covers Isaac’s future wife in jewelry. There are countless examples of the use of jewelry by men and women in the scriptures.


Specifications Of Jesus ring:

  • Gift idea: For Catholics
  • Christians Symbol.
  • Metals Type: Stainless Steel 316, hypoallergenic.
  • Finishing: Gold plated or antique Silver.
  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Style Type : Religious and Catholic Rings.


Ring Size

7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Jesus Color

Steel color, Gold-color






Talisman Ring
Jesus Ring
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