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Crescent Moon Necklace with Natural Stone and Crystal.

Wear around your neck this beautiful pendant moon and crystal with its leather cord (optional). The moon has always been associated with femininity and its attraction power. It is undoubtedly the necklace that you need to develop the goddess in you.

With more than 7 variations of natural stones, choose without hesitation the mineral which knew how to catch your interest at first sight.

Crescent Moon Necklace Natural Stone.

Since the dawn of time, fairies and witches invoke the power of the moon. White magic or black magic, the moon has always a double meaning. At the same time luminous, the moon always has a dark and hidden side.
One of the most famous goddesses to worship the moon is the Wiccan goddess Gaia, the goddess of nature. Among witches, the moon is much more than a celestial star that shines in the sky. It’s also symbolizing the three goddesses, Hecate, Selene and Artemis. I will tell you more about it through another amulet and other time…


Meaning of the jewelry with crescent moon and mineral stone.

It is a powerful talisman, combining lithotherapy and the symbolism of the moon crescent. The moon is associated with the natural cycle as the tides or the female menstrual cycle. It is also a regulator of many human hormones and also in the animal world.
The minerals add a vibratory dimension to reinforce the power of the talisman.
If you know the moonstone, you have certainly already noticed that each of the pendants is enhanced with an oval moonstone in front. The antique silver (plated) further enhances the authenticity of this pendant. Of course, you are free to replace the leather cord with one of your own chains to reinforce this effect.


What is the Use and the Power of the Stones on the Jewels.

Each stone has its own vibrational force. It is the composition of each mineral that creates its color and gives it certain properties. Lithotherapy is a very controversial science. However, prehistoric humans already wore stone jewelry.
No doubt that the first of the properties that your stone pendant will have, is the one that you will give to it.

  • Green Aventurine:

This stone helps you to think positively and to release all your daily anxieties. The green aventurine soothing power calms you and makes you more calm.  In addition, aventurine assists you in all your decision-making.

  • Tiger Eye stone:

The tiger eye is a stone with protective virtues. It is recommended in carry on oneself when one is subjected to bad influences.
It brings power and would protect against negative waves and the malevolence of others.

  • White Crystal (quartz):

Both calming and energizing, white quartz has many virtues, including cleansing for the soul and spirit. It brings comfort, tenderness, concentration, sociability and understanding. It is a stone that illuminates the heart and should be worn by all.

  • Lapis Lazuli:

It is a stone that connects with the guardian spirits. Lapis lazuli blocks psychic attacks and reflects bad energy back to its source. The blue mineral is also a sign of spiritual strength. It is both the “stone of the gods” and in particular that of the goddesses. Lapis Lazuli is known to reduce stress and the various symptoms related to it: various inflammations, migraines, stomach aches, etc.

  • Black Onyx:

Black onyx repels the presence of spirits that would try to influence you, it is a useful stone for mediums and people who communicate with the deads. It is a protective black stone that swallows up bad impulses, including overly restive sexual urges. It is a stone of anchorage, determination and strength.

  • Amethyst:

In Christian culture, it is an ancient stone that symbolizing strength and wisdom. Amethyst is known to enhance clairvoyance, mindfulness and concentration. It is also a chakranic stone associated with the crown chakra (sahasrara).
  • Rose Quartz:

Also called rose quartz, it brings love and self-confidence. Rose quartz calms emotional unbalances by creating forgiveness for oneself and for others. It promotes harmony between couples and encourages fidelity. It is a stone used to help heal broken hearts. Can be beneficial for fertility and menstrual cycles.

Description of Pendant Necklace Moon Crescent and Natural Stone:

  • Type of stones: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Green Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Lapis Lazuli, White Crystal, Black Onyx
  • Natural Stone Crystal, Moon Pendants Necklace.
  • Metal: Antique Silver color.
  • Stone’s Colors: Green, Maroon, Black, Purple, Blue, Pink, Quartz
  • Category: Moon Charms
  • Size: Approx 51x20x14mm / 2.01×0.79×0.55 inches
  • Chain Length:Approx 45 cm / 18 inches.
  • Pendant Packaging: Purse + Bubble Wrap (stone protection).

Please remember: Each natural Stone is unique. The stone color can be a little different, and please allow 1 or 2 mm difference in size. Thanks for understanding.

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Kind of Stone

Rose Quartz Chain, Amethyst Chain, Black Onyx Chain, Lapis Lazuli Chain, White Crystal Chain, Tiger Eye Chain, Aventurine Chain, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Black Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, White Crystal, Tiger Eye, Green Aventurine






Amulet Necklace
Crystal Moon Necklace
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