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Keychain Charm

Keychain for good luck and protection.

This beautiful decoration can be placed on car keys, backpacks, purses, wallets and more. It can make a nice gift for a friend or even for yourself.

To its beauty, it will add a good protection. That is always good to take with you wherever you go.

With is Boho style, it has a timeless style. It will add a touch of originality to your look and effectively complete your glamour.

The fourth protection key ring.

This Key Ring gather 4 powerful symbols who will follow you during your day. It’s also a wonderful way to protect yourself against the aggressiveness of the modern world.

You don’t believe in it? Anyway, it’s a beautiful fashion accessory that you will be proud to show off to others.

Dream catchers

It’s a beautiful symbol. They bring good luck with you, get rid of your nightmares. Dream catchers should be ideally for you, and it’s perfect to accompany you along the day.

The Amulet Hand of Hamsa.

It’s a powerful representation of the hand of God. It is the Will of God through the actions of ordinary human beings. A way of fighting evil eye and bad spells.

The Amulet Peacock Feather.

They’re magical. The most remarkable is that, they naturally have iridescent blue and purple eyes. They are consequently a protection against the evil eye. They help the development of clairvoyance and open the 3rd eye chakra.

The Power of Quartz.

The stone of quartz have natural healing and protective properties. Its power balance the internal calmness.

Description of Key Ring Lucky Charm :

  • Material: Chromed Metal.
  • Product Name: Dream Catcher Keychain.
  • Gender: Unisex.
  • Style: Spiritual, Ethnic, Classic
  • Size: A section is 14 cm with the Ring.
  • Net Weight: 25 g.
  • Color: Blue or Pink, 2 Colors.
  • Package include:1*Dream Catcher Keychain.

Note: The model may differ little depending on the new arrival.

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Keychain Charm
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