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Metatron Cube Orgonite Pendant and 7 Natural Stones Chakranic.

The cube of Metatron Orgonite, is the association of Spirituality and Lihotherapy. The 7 chakras, are our energy points, and their balance is essential for our physical and spiritual well-being.

Metaron is the most powerful of all the Archangels. He is called the eternal judge and will help you stay on course and strengthen your courage and determination.

This necklace comes with 7 natural chakranic colorfull stones. These stones are beautiful and will allow you to start balancing your chakras.

What will I receive in this kit of the chakranic Metatron’s cube.

Metatron cube 7 chakrasThe necklace is composed of Amethyst, Blue Turquoise, Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger Eye, Red Agate, Red Jasper. Each of these stones corresponds to one of your Chakra vibration or frequency. The polished stones are to be placed on the body at the location of the chakras. Do this while relaxing, lying on a mat on the floor. The stones provided with the set are : Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Green Aventurine, Sodalite, Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, Red Agate. Please understand that each natural stone, in terms of color or shape, is unique. Please do not hold us responsible if the stones you receive are somewhat different from the photos.

Our orgonites contain geometric copper, like most energy concentrators. Copper is an excellent conductor and allows activating magnetic reasons. We hope that you may find out that you are sensitive to the positive effects of magnetism and its benefits.

How The Orgonite working ?

The main operating principle of the orgonite is to gather positive elements capable of rebalancing the emotional disorders that are inside us. They are generators or concentrators of energy. The most powerful orgonites are those made of minerals. In this case, the virtues of Lithotherapy are concentrated in this beautiful object. The addition of the cube of Metatron allows reinforcing the protective virtues of this orgonite Metatron amulet. The fact that it is a pendant worn near the heart, makes this amulet a protective shield.

The 7 chakras and their association.The 7-Melatron chakras-symbols | Charm-and-Amulet

  • Root: The link to the earth, the progress in life. But also good health, wealth, family, and security.
  • Sacred: Link to other human beings. Creativity, energy, assurance, endurance, confidence, joy, happiness.
  • Solar Plexus: Strength, confidence, self-respect. As well as feeling and confidence.
  • Heart: Love, security, trust. But also relationships, sympathies, balance and hope.
  • Throat: oral transmission, communication, expression, responsibility, freedom, creation.
  • Frontal: Spirit, ideas, psychic faculties, intellectual abilities, honesty.
  • Coronal : Spirituality, consciousness, spirit of synthesis, inspiration, devotion, enthusiasm, inventiveness.

The meditation using the Metatron’s cube.

This Metatron Orgonite cube can also be used for meditation. In this case, simply sit in the lotus position, hands clasped palm up and the cube facing up. Begin your meditation by visually connecting the 22 lines fomented by the Plato’s solids and the flower of life.
Visualize in your mind the 3d cube with all its beauty and complexity. Completely immerse yourself in this sacred geometry until you merge your mind with the cube.


Specification Metatron’c cube 7 chakras:

  • Use : Psychic Improvement, internal Harmony.
  • Hand made and unique.
  • Stone Size: 20 / 30 mm.
  • Pendant Size: 35 * 10 mm.
  • Cord Length: Approx 40 cm.
  • Material: Natural stones, Stones, resin, adjustable rope, bead, copper.
  • Box Size: 92 * 73 * 28 mm
  • Package Include: 1 Metatron’s cube orgonite pendant and 7 healing Crystals.

Disclaimer: Stones are natural and all different. Before to order, please consider that you will receive stones similar but not exactly the same that the pictures, thanks.

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