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Necronomicon spell Book with 3d Cover.

Buy the black book of magic Necronomicon. Its 3D look is amazing and really looks like the original evil dead book. The inside is full of dark spells and hexes.

What does the Necronomicon book look like?

The book is originally bound in human skin. The ink used to write in it is human blood. The book is about demons, demon resurrection and the dark areas of the world.

Where to buy the Necronomicon book.

If you don’t know where to buy the Necronomicon grimoire, that’s normal because it doesn’t exist. On the other hand, you are in the right place on Charm and Amulet because we offer you the best replica of the book, in accordance with its legend.

What is the use of the magic book Necronomicon?

The book is a set of spells with the ability to reanimate the dead, resurrect demonic entities. It is a forgotten book that should only be used in full awareness of the fact that it can revive the Kandarian’s demons, which will try to possess the living and transform our world into one of darkness.

The truth about the book of the Necronomicon

H. P. Lovecraft created the Necronomicon as a fictional black magic book. It is found in many of his supernatural stories. Many people believe it to be a real book. Booksellers and librarians have received many requests to purchase the Necronomicon spell book. The name of the supposed author of the book, Abdul Alhazred, which is not even a real Arabic name. The appearance and physical dimensions of the Necronomicon are not clearly stated in Lovecraft’s work. Besides the black magic spells, it is usually presented as leather-bound with different types of covers. You will find many versions of the spell book in stores. Our model is supposed to be a faithful reproduction.

Notice: As you can imagine, human skin was not used to cover the book. The 3D illusion is created with hot glue injected under the cover. Some books may have a little glue stain on them. Just use an iron with a cloth to remove the glue. Thank you for your understanding.

Specification of Spellbook Necronomicon:

  • Material: Artificial leather, glue and paper.
  • Finishing : vintage style.
  • Size of Book: 9.84*5.9 inches/25*15 cm
  • Cover aspect: three-dimensional shape
  • Weight: about 250g
  • Number of sheets: 25 pages
  • Package: 1 Necronomicon book.

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The Necronomicon Book display | Charm and Amulet.
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Necronomicon book