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Amulet Necklace

Tetragrammaton Amulet Necklace.

Tetragammaton is another name of Pentagram. This Amulet Pendant comes with two different colors and necklaces. This powerful necklace will be your daily protection against all bad situations. It will shelter you from difficulties and give you strength to face all the situations.

The magic Tetragrammaton.

This amulet is also called the five-pointed star. It is one of the oldest esoteric symbols. This is also the 5 ancient Greg letters who form 4 words which forms the name of god YHWH, Yahweh or Jehovah. The name of Te-Tra-Gram-Am-Ton, Is the real name of god. It can’t be pronounced because is forbidden to call god in almost all the religions

Because many legends and stories have associated the image of the pentagram as a sign to contact Satan or evil spirit, this is just one of the uses of the pentagram.

But if we remove this ritual, the Tetragrammaton is the most powerful protective amulets that exist on earth. It can bring good luck and is protective against evil.

What is the meaning of Pentagram?

This five-pointed star can be found in decorative ornaments. In works of medieval architecture, it was painted and used as mosaics. Especially in Europe. In ancient times, this magic symbol has been venerated. It is a piece that links the nature of men with the nature of the universe. The pentacle is a five-pointed star, representing the basic elements such as water, earth, fire and air while the fifth represents the human spirit. Its magical properties have been known to people for thousands of years.

What is the use of Tetragrammaton?

The pentagram has a great importance for people who want to have a protective amulet against negative influences and for personal development.

The Tetragrammaton can have both positive and negative properties. It is important to know how to use it correctly so that its protection is the safest for us.

The pentacle has special characteristics, which can be perfectly adapted to our way of being. This means that there can be a perfect harmony between the wearer and the amulet, which is able to bring out the best in each person.

Rules of using this Talisman Amulet

  • Never use the inverted pentagram.
  • Do not wear it at all times. Using it for ritual purposes is more than enough. Before going to bed it is recommended to remove it.
  • It is better never to tattoo the symbol on our body, since its energetic force is very powerful and perhaps the body cannot support it.
  • Treat the pentagram talisman with respect.
  • Change the amulet if it breaks or is cracked, because its function cannot be as protective as we want.

Types of protective Pentagram.

These are the most famous varieties of esoteric staves we can find. It has a long history behind it, which can be traced back to ancient times. It has always been used as a symbol for performing magic rituals.

Solomon’s Pentacle.

The purpose of Solomon’s pentacle, also called the Seal of Solomon, is to protect against evil thoughts, black magic and all kinds of evils of an esoteric nature.

There is a legend about this symbol, which says that King David received from God a magic seal with a pentagram drawn inside. David was the father of Solomon, who gave his son that amulet to protect him against the evils of the world.

It is said that the wisdom King Solomon acquired was because of this talisman. This led him to make the right decisions to lead his people to the path of reason.

The Agrippa’s Pentagram.

Basically, this is a symbol that is very recognized because it is very similar to Leonardo Da Vinci’s. It’s the figure of a person who is placed inside a five-pointed star. Each extremity of the person ends up in one of these points, being the head of the first one of them.

At the end of each of these sides, there is a letter, which represents one of the elements of nature.

It is a talisman widely used for personal development, both on a spiritual and physical level.

The Inverted Pentagram

To recognize the difference between the inverted and normal pentagram, you have to watch out the orientation of the star’s point. If inverted, the point will be oriented to the ground. The real pentagram is oriented to the sky.

This is a symbol that is considered to be a satanic sign, which can cause trouble, chaos and destruction. Many scholars of paranormal subjects consider this symbol to represent the goat, which is the symbolism of hell, that is, where Satan and the fallen angels live. This pentagram should not be used because of the attractiveness of evil.

Description of Pendent Necklace:

  • Title: Pendant Necklace.
  • Color: Antique Silver/Antique Gold.
  • Material: High quality of Zinc Alloy, Eco-friendly made.
  • Pendant size: 30*35mm/ 1.18*1.37inch.
  • Chain Length: 45 + 5 cm extender.

Note: Due to the light and screen difference, the item may be slightly different from the pictures.

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