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Ritual Candle Candlestick
Nepal Incens Handmade

Purification Incense Rope Nepalese Hand-Made.

Take the time to light one of these incenses and instantly purify spiritually the atmosphere and environment around you.

Get rid of the atmosphere loaded with bad waves and find the soothing atmosphere of Nepalese pagodas.

Purification incense Nepalese rope natural herbal.

These Nepalese incenses are handmade with Dhupee herbs. It is a plant widely found in the high regions of Nepal, in the heart of the Himalayas.

These incenses are used to purify. They are likewise used to create an atmosphere conducive to mediation. The aromatic atmosphere created is typical of pagodas and Buddhist temples.

These are the members of the Newwa community in Nepal who are at the origin of this preparation of incense so particular. It is an ancestral process of manufacture which was transmitted from generation to generation. The aromatic herbs are rolled and twisted in Lokta paper to form the rope incense. Each incense is carefully rolled by hand in the purest tradition.


Description of Purifying Nepal Incense Rope

  • Material: natural herbs.
  • Size of 1 incense: about 10 cm.
  • Quantity per pack: 22-25 pieces.
  • Weight: about 25 grams.
  • Made in Nepal.
  • Package includes: 1 pack of rope incense (about 25pcs).

Incense Choice

Ratnasambhava, yellow, Amitabha, Red, Immovable, blue, Tathagata, brown, Buddha, Green






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Ritual Candle Candlestick
Nepal Incens Handmade
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