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Earrings Amulet
Dragon Ear Cuff

Dragon Ear Cuff, Mother of the Dragon.

Become the mother of the Dragons! This is the ideal earring for fans of Daenerys Targaryen from the game of throne series. The earring is positioned around his ear, for an amazing original effect!.
Dragons are formidable enemies, but when you manage to take control of them, you will become totally unstoppable. Wreak havoc with the charm of this dragon hanging from your earlobe. This original earring coming in 3 finishing colors. Make your choice !
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Dragon Earring Around Earlobe.

Wearing an earring around the earlobe is very sexy, but it also means being a woman of power. A “mythical” creature for some, a “mystical” animal for others, the dragon has always fired the human imagination.

The symbolism behind the jewelry dragon.

If in Christian symbolism, the dragon is synonymous with evil because it embodies Lucifer because of the flames he spits.

In Eastern belief, it is considered a mystical creature, both powerful and venerable, as it possesses an incalculable number of qualities that give it a number of meanings. Most of the time, it evokes power, strength and courage.

Then, as a master of the four elements, that is, water, fire, earth and air, it is considered an important spiritual guide for the man to whom it breathes.

How to Wear Dragon Ear Cuff.

It’s really a traditional earring. Dragon earrings that wrap around the ear are like a clip that catch your earlobe.

In front of a mirror, locate the thinnest part of the cartilage, along the upper part of your ear. Slide the opening of the cuff at this level.

You can tighten the clip that clamps the ear to adjust it. It’s very easy to use, and it fits well on the ear.

This model of earring, does not require having pierced ears. To remove, just do the reverse procedure

Descriptions of Dragon Ear Cuff:

  • Use: power, seduction, control.
  • Shape:Animal.
  • Gender: Dragon lovers.
  • Style: Mystic legends.
  • Model: Dragon Ear Clip
  • Packing: 1 Dragon earring (not a pair).
  • Metals Type: Zinc Alloy.

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Bronze, Black, Silver






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Dragon-Ear-Cuff presentation-charm-and-amulet
Earrings Amulet
Dragon Ear Cuff
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