Dream Catcher


The dream catcher for protection against the devil.

Be smart and protect your home and family with this beautiful devil eye dreamcatcher. Specially used since the dawn of time to repel bad luck and filter bad vibes.

This dream-catcher with an eye in the center is a decorative element of the house and a good talisman. It will fit perfectly in all types of interiors. It’s coming in two designs, iris eye and full eye. Available in two timeless colors, black or white.

Where to hang the evil eye dream catcher ?

It can be hung near the windows, balcony or terrace. Likewise, it is a very useful gift idea for people who are prone to nightmares, bad luck and misfortune. To feel protected is a good way to find confidence in is after a series of failure and doubt

It is a good protection against failure in business but also in love. It will capture in your place all the bad waves and will bring you happiness, opportunity and the great pleasure to contemplate it.

Evil eye dream catcher meaning ?

Originally, the evil eye coming from the famous Turkish protection amulet “Boncuk”. It’s one of the most powerful protection for a lot of old and present civilization around the Mediterranean Sea.

As you can see, this eye in to the triangle is pretty similar to the logo of illuminati. It is a resemblance that is intended because beyond the malicious power of the Illuminati, this logo is also the sign of knowledge, clear vision and consequently the power to lead your own life and destiny.

Specification of dream catcher evil:

  • Beautiful wall art and decoration.
  • Totally Handmade and woven by our experienced artists.
  • Beautiful web and well-proportioned.
  • Perfect gift for adults and kids.
  • Material: Organic Material, Metal circle, Black Cotton Lace and ribbon.
  • Style: superstitious home decoration.
  • Model: Evil eyes.
  • Theme: Mascot.
  • Materials: organic material.
  • Color: white or black.
  • Uses: home decoration, protection.
  • Sizes: Central web 26 cm.
  • Total height 90 cm.

Dream Catcher <br> Evil. | Charm and Amulet™




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Dream Catcher  Evil. | Charm and Amulet™
Dream Catcher
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