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Keychain Charm
Tree of Life.

Charm Tree of Life with Crystal.

This wonderful tree of life keychain charm come with nine different colors of crystal Talisman. You can also give as a present to your loved one or for yourself.

The tree of life, a vital symbol.

The Tree of Life is one of the most popular symbols, because it represents the essence of our existence and transmits strength and positivity.

What is the Tree of Life?

Generally speaking, the Tree of Life represents the Cycle of Life. The Birth, represented by its deep roots.  Our life, represented by the trunk growing towards the sky.

The branches, with their innumerable forks, represent the crossroads that we encounter in life and that constantly force us to make decisions.

It also refers to concepts such as growth personally and spiritual, development, progress and reincarnation.

The point of view of religion.

If we take Genesis as a reference, we will see that in the garden of Eden a multitude of trees flourished. Two of them stand out from all the others.

The Tree of Life gave twelve annual crops, one each month, and its leaves represent the healing of the nations, so that they are free from corruption and other injustices.

The Trees of the knowledge of good and evil is the one whose fruit was forbidden to man, testing his will power and his ability to discern between good and evil.

If we take the Jewish religion as a reference, the Tree of Life unites Man with God, from the roots of the earth where man is, to the branches that touch the sky where God is.

Point of view of magic.

The Tree of Life represents, in the form of branches that rise and expand to the sky, the physical and spiritual level of our life.
It is understood that not all the branches are perceptible by all people, and each one must look for his spiritual part and his material part.

Specification Keychain Tree of Life:

  • Metal color : Chromed metal.
  • Material : Metal.
  • Gender : Unisex.
  • Style : Spiritual, Classic.
  • 9 Crystals colors, choose your preferred one !
  • Material : Stainless.
  • Packing : One Tree of Life Charm Keychain.

Tree of Life Keychain | Charm and Amule

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Keychain Charm
Tree of Life.
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